System 2420

Miniset liquiDIP

  • colouring dipping mass
  • colouring wax mixtures for light color tones

Product Information
  • fluid
  • very easy incorporation
  • good burning behaviour
  • good colour stability
  • strong, brilliant colours, unlimited colour range
  • comply with RAL-requirements for candles
  • Kaiser is registered as accredited supplier for colours and lacquers at the Candles Quality Association

  • 0,1 kg

    Please observe the processing instructions, if available!


2420 IM-109 / KAISER Candle Colors

2620 2501 2620 2501 2420 2420 2803

Aren't you also looking for the perfect color that is easy to apply and cost effective at the same time? We knew it! Here's the answer: KAISER liquiDIP and liquiDYE for dyeing and dipping candles are the solution for all those who are looking for quality and want to save money at the same time! Instead of expensive ready colors you can mix with our Dosing System. It’s simple and completely flexible. mixing, but against which recipe? Of course according to ours - we work out everything in our lab and simply make the recipe available in our workbench! That's it, it's really that simple. Try it out!






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