We at KAISER see ourselves as development partners and drivers of innovation. It is important to us that you are satisfied with us and our products.

Our laboratory services range from individual color settings that are tailored to your product to the continuous development of our products and services.

We support you in the laboratory, or even directly on site. Very close and always trustworthy.

We want to be strong together with you. This is why we are constantly pushing our innovative strength, our product portfolio and our quality standards.

Instead of big words, we prefer simple statements,
which we also adhere to.

Always become better

We are proud of what we have achieved.
Resting on it is not on our agenda.

Know-How Sharing

We don't know anything better than our customers. We know something else. Bringing it together brings more advantages for both sides.

Environmental Management

To this day, we take this responsibility so seriously that we clearly exceed many national and international certification standards.


We don't just sell products.
We ensure more profit.
How we do it, we'll be happy to show you with our QualityCircle.