Have yourself a merry little Christmas


Dear friends and business partners,

2020 is a year that will remain in our memories forever.

We had to deal with unexpected restrictions. Loved habits and human interaction were suddenly no longer possible. This pushed many of us, both humanely and professionally, to our limits. We would like to thank you for your loyalty, your trust and the good cooperation during this special year.

We wish you and all of us courage, hope and confidence for the Christmas time and the year 2021.

In this very special year we have decided with a heavy heart to stop the traditional gingerbread Christmas presents. Instead we donate for charity and hope to help, where help is urgently needed. Cystic Fibrosis patients were hit very hard by COVID-19.

We hope to help with our donation.



KAISER Webinar

KAISER WEBinar SERIES about to start soon.

Our experts from the lab will talk about the latest trends, new products and reply your questions.

Are you interested?
Get in touch with us.




We are ready for the future.

Our experts are moving into the spotlight. This ensures maximum competence and expertise; always first-hand and always to the point.

Your direct line to us is now even faster, more targeted and personal.

Get to know us - just click on the KAISER Inside button. We introduce ourselves as we are: Colorful, happy and always having fun at work.




Finally! The new trend colors for 2021/2022

Completely new color combinations for spectacular moments. We have put together the latest color trends for you with a mix of classic, elegant and clear, natural tones. Something for everyone. The new trend colors can be adjusted in all our lacquer systems. Contact us we are happy to help.

Trend Colors 2021/2022




We would like to plan personal talks with you again as soon as possible. We have been working on new effects and services in the last few months and would be happy to show you more in a personal meeting.


We hope that both, you personally and your company have gone through the restrictions in good. The easing restrictions are noticeable and we are happy that normal life is beginning again bit by bit.

Among other things, we have major changes in the areas:





You are still looking for a new design for the next collection? Our experts develop ideas and help with the implementation.
You can talk directly to our specialists, no loopways. Our new on-site service will thrill you. Simple advice, always personal and always competent.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them by e-mail, telephone or in person.



Home office.Think tank!

For all those who have a brilliant idea in their home office or for those looking for the next big thing, has the largest variety of effects on the net ready for you. Our homepage was designed openly and freely accessible for you, because we have nothing to hide. Check it out, combine colors and effects and we do the rest. Our service and laboratory team is there for you as usual. We do our color adjustments in no time at all so that you can react flexible to trends and changing situations.



In our IMPRESSIONS section you will find current color combinations that we have created in cooperation with specialists. A simple click on the desired object is all that is needed and you will be forwarded directly to the respective effect details. It couldn't be easier.


In the Service section we have prepared many useful videos with tips and tricks for you.


With everything we prepare for you in our creative workshop, best quality is always top priority! We are RAL accredited because we believe in good standards. They are the basis for best and ongoing quality.

And if comprehensible quality is important for you, then simply rely on RAL accredited product quality from KAISER!



Why do we differ from others? Smoking heads ensure creative and highly technical developments non-stop. Our pleasure in what we do is reflected in the development of innovative solutions and the world's largest variety of effects in the candle sector. We do not imitate what already exists. We lead the way!


And now let's go for it. We are already looking forward to your sample requests.



Easter in times of social distancing


Who would have thought that you would ever be advised not to visit your own family at Easter? Even only for this reason, this Easter will probably remain in our memories forever. But in reverse, it was never easier to become a couch-hero 😉

We at KAISER want to wish you, despite all the circumstances and adversities, wonderful Easter days. Make yourself a good time at home and relax from the stress of the everyday life. There is also a time after Corona and that is exactly what we are looking forward to at the moment.

Stay healthy!!!

By the way: We at KAISER will continue to work in two groups in the coming weeks to ensure that we can maintain our ability to deliver.



Corona Pandemic


Dear business partners,
Dear friends,

Nothing dominates the media these days like the Corona pandemic. Also we are thinking about what to do if? What is the right balance between panic and professionalism? How hard will it hit us? We don't know either, but we've been looking into the subject in depth. There are many different points of view to consider, but one thing is quite clear: we want to protect our customers, our employees, and of course our little KAISER-empire as best we can, and we want to maintain operations at all events.

With our branch in Shanghai we have already gone through the extreme case since the end of January. Last week we were able to re-open KAISER FINE to the full extent. We were and are in constant and intensive contact with our staff on site and are pleased that everyone has remained well and healthy. We are particularly grateful for this. Now things are moving ahead at full speed in China again. All orders that have been sent to KAISER FINE during the last weeks are currently being processed with full speed.

After we have recorded increasing numbers of cases throughout Europe and Germany is increasingly becoming a hotspot for COVID-19, we feel compelled to initiate far-reaching measures here as well. Therefore we at KAISER have decided to split up into two working groups. This should help us to keep the operation at our location cross-departmental during the peak phase of COVID-19. This means maximum security for your orders and sample requests. Small delays may occur at one point or another. We apologize for these in advance. However, we will remain in constant contact and inform you accordingly if one of your deliveries is affected.

Stay healthy!

With best regards,




Find out more about our brand-new release:

KWC DYE PRO          KWC DYE PRO Miniset

Small pastilles, great effect. Hardly distinguishable from the outside but the new pastille has it all. Color-intensive like never before and cost-efficient like never before.

But the best is yet to come: Easiest processing. LIKE A PRO.





Goodbye Workbench!


Redefining color adjustments! It has never been easier to find the right color shade and it has never been faster from the idea to the finished product. After years of loyal service, we say goodbye to our Workbench and look forward to presenting the latest innovation from our KAISER:

CHAMELEON means for you:

- Approx. 1200 ready formulated colors
- In 3 standard wax mixtures
- For DIP and DYE
- In solid and liquid


Best of all, CHAMELEON makes color adjustment easier than ever. CHAMELEON does not require any colorists, is very easy to use and also saves money. Expensive readymade colors are now a thing of the past. Storage costs and capital commitment are reduced to a minimum.

You want to try CHAMELEON? Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

   Download Manual



Glamorous Shine

New collection in the making? Still searching for the WOW-effect for the upcoming tradeshows? Always searching for the missing cherry on the cake?

That's perfect, because with our mirror effect lacquer you will attract everyone's attention. Elegant, glamorous and yet easy to apply. Whether as a on the spot highlight on matt or velvet lacquers, or also as a mirror candle, optionally also with coating lacquer in the color of your choice, there are many combination possibilities.

Everyone who was still searching should now ask for a sample. We have many more effects and decoration ideas in stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Trade shows and conferences 2020

How quickly a year goes by and the next one is just around the corner. We are already looking forward to many opportunities to meet you in person. In addition to our on-site visits, we will also be attending trade shows and conferences in 2020.

So then - let's get down to it! To 2020 and to many nice, good and personal conversations!






Trendcolors 2020/ 2021

"Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I have in front of my eyes, I use color more spontaneously to express myself powerfully."

Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)

A better introductory sentence could hardly be found for our new trend colors. Take a look, it's worth it. We are happy to help you with the selection and composition of the trend colors and our variety of effects. Just ask us for samples and let them inspire you.

Trend Colors 2020/2021



Starte durch mit einer Ausbildung zur Produktionsfachkraft Chemie

Du bist auf der Suche nach einer spannenden und abwechslungsreichen Aufgabe?

Wenn Du technisch und chemisch interessiert bist und gerne im Team arbeitest, dann bist Du bei uns goldrichtig!

Du lernst bei uns alle Bereiche kennen; von Produktion, bis hin zum Labor.

Bei KAISER steht Qualität und Kundenzufriedenheit im Mittelpunkt und Du kannst uns dabei helfen, immer besser zu werden.

Werde Teil unseres Teams und sende noch heute Deine Bewerbung an:



It's getting hot!

Our new effect is as mysterious and breathtaking as blazing magma under the earth. The special color flow can be achieved by a two-layer system.

Clean design is a thing of the past, because now we are bringing a breath of fresh air to the shelves. An absolute must-have.

Impressive: Color variety in all its glory. It doesn't matter whether it's a fiery red for Halloween or a classic gold for Christmas.

And since the best comes at the end: The MAGMA sample box with 11 different color variations is ready!

Please feel free to contact us.



Workshop CandleApp

We were allowed to hold a workshop on 'Acquisition of digital data in the candle industry' at the 6th World Candle Congress. It was about our CandleApp. This innovative measuring method from Kaiser makes it possible to record the burning behavior of a candle more accurately and more easily than ever before. For our presentation, we have prepared a movie that contrasts the past and the future in a charming way.

We know that many hidden talents in our employees, but this performance from our Ben even exceeds our expectations. Due to the many requests, you will find this sensational video, with smile guarantee. Thank you Ben for your commitment - you caused some great laughter during the workshop!



Wow! We had exciting days in Barcelona

It was so good to see all of you at our booth, during the meetings and the activities.

We are now working on everything we‘ve talked through with you. We will get back shortly.

Special thanks to the organisation team. Everything went so well!


May we introduce? Our new website in a fresh look!

Our products around the decorative product refinement are as always at the pulse of time. With our new website we are now technically and optically refreshed and well prepared for the future. We also want to show everybody what we are like. That's why our new site is very colorful, clean and always up-to-date. The areas have been clearly structured and our systems are shown as clearly as never before.

The various product groups have been structured the same way but are independent from each other. Clear perception is no longer just an internal motto, it is clearly visible on our new site. That is why each of the areas has its own color: Candle, glass, wood and X-Mas. Take a look and enjoy! We would also be happy to hear your feedback.


KAISER at the World Candle Congress in Barcelona

When the entire world of the candle meets, of course we must not be absent. We are pleased that we are represented with our own booth.

Visit us at booth 24 and convince yourself of our products! Of course we have also come up with something very special, because our new brochure will be published just in time for the WCC, with everything to do with candle lacquers, candle colours and many other candle-related products.


KAISER Candle App - Are you ready for something new?

As a supplier to the candle industry, we place the highest value on quality. Before our products are delivered, they undergo a number of tests. Because when it comes to quality, we make no compromises. Digital measurements have long been standard at KAISER. But we are far from satisfied with the standard - driven by the desire to become better and better, we have thought about the possibility of measuring the burning of candles completely digitally. The idea was born and the name was found: CandleApp.

What should only be an internal test method quickly developed into a self-runner. Candle manufacturers around the world showed great interest in this revolutionary way of real-time measurement of burning behavior. Under high pressure we have turned our CandleApp into a digital test device that has gone through many development hours and test phases since the first idea.