We design and develop decorative glass lacquers for easy handling, but always adjusted to your special wishes and requirements. Our lacquers for glass are the innovative answer to the increasing demands of the glass industry. You can choose between our different variants, depending on the application, decoration, home and interior or beverage bottles.

Available as one or two component lacquers in a nearly unlimited variety of colours. The advantages of this proven surface refinements are the easy handling and the large variety of effects.
Water-based paints are becoming very popular for several reasons. They are easy to handle, do not have to be transported as hazardous goods and have a positive effect on the VOC balance.
Decorative purposes
Good resistance
Household dishwasher > 500 cycles
Very good chemical resistance
Very good solvent resistance
For beverage bottles / household goods
Highest water resistance
Industrial dishwasher 2000 cycles
Boiling test 5h
Very good abrasion / impact resistance
For cosmetic and perfume industry
Highest solvent resistance
Applicable for indirect food contact
G1 dilution 24h / 40°C

Quality makes the difference. Highest standards. Our goal is the highest possible quality and the best possible service. We want to pick up where others leave off. And that's exactly why we always go one step further when it comes to our quality standards.

Own professional test dishwasher. Freely programmable dosage of water, detergent and rinse aid. Freely programmable temperature control. Freely programmable number of cycles. Freely programmable water hardness ensures continuous testing of paint quality. Customized tests possible.

In-house colorimetry testing. Color tones are measured and the color location is stored digitally. Digital testing of each batch for optimal quality control. This allows us to ensure that we achieve the correct color tone batch after batch.

The all-rounder 500+ . Suitable for indirect food contact and free of heavy metals or other toxic substances. Migration tested according to ISO 7086-1 (in compliance with DIN EN ISO 11885 2009-09 and DIN 1388-1 1995-11) Dishwasher resistance of more than 500 cycles (DIN EN 12875). Allrounder

The Masterpiece 500+ WA. Suitable for indirect food contact and free from heavy metals or other toxic substances. Migration behavior tested according to DIN 1388-1:1995-11; DIN EN ISO 11885:2009-09; DIN EN ISO 17294-2:2017-01. Sensory test §64 LFGB L 00.90-6 (Certifies that the product has no effect on taste). Dishwasher resistance of more than 500 cycles (DIN EN 12875). Industrial dishwasher: 2000 cycles.

The specialist 500+ SA. No certification of migration behavior, since in principle no use for tableware is intended. More than 500 cycles dishwasher resistance (DIN EN 12875). Very high resistance to organic solvents and fragrances. E.g. G-1 solution 24 H / 40 °C.


Even the most beautiful puzzle is not complete, if the last piece is missing!

That's why we've put together a list of accessories to help you use Kaiser lacquers and colors perfectly.

You'll find viscosity cups, dispersing discs and other useful aids for lacquer and color processing there.

    Download accessories list (PDF document)