Christmas; colorful and traditional. With our lacquers especially for X-Mas products, we help you year after year to bring a sparkle into living rooms worldwide. No matter whether traditional gold or silver, eye-catching in trend colors of the year or brilliant and effective, you will find the most beautiful colors for the most beautiful time of the year.

Strong colors, familiar application. With our solvent-based laqcuers you'll get an all-time classic product. Available in many effects for a bright appearance at the POS.
Our water-based lacquers are odourless and colorful. They can be applied in the conventional way, but also offer the advantage that no explosion protection is necessary.
Hand-painted with attention to detail. If you choose colours from our Deco range, you will receive painting varnishes and paint-glues, especially for the processing of Christmas decorations.


Even the most beautiful puzzle is not complete, if the last piece is missing!

That's why we've put together a list of accessories to help you use Kaiser paints and varnishes perfectly.

You'll find viscosity cups, dispersing discs and other useful aids for varnish and paint processing there.

    Download accessories list (PDF document)