We at KAISER see ourselves as development partners and drivers of innovation. It is important to us that you are satisfied with us and our products.

Our laboratory services range from individual color settings that are tailored to your product to the continuous development of our products and services.

We support you in the laboratory, or even directly on site. Very close and always trustworthy.

We want to be strong together with you. This is why we are constantly pushing our innovative strength, our product portfolio and our quality standards.

We are prepared for the future.

As a family owned company we are looking back on a past rich in tradition. We are proud of this and one thing has never changed: We are 100 % KAISER!

Our team consists of different personalities. Diverse ideas, strengths and interests make us a valuable partner for you.

The basic values of KAISER remain the same: Honesty, reliability and fun in what we do.


Name: Florian Hein
Started working at KAISER: 2015
Specialist for: Water-based lacquers/ glass coatings
Favorite color: Green
Motto: Everyone said: This is not possible! Then someone came along who didn't know that, and just did it
Most important equipment: Brain
I like it at KAISER because... …of the excellent working atmosphere and the exceptionally good team spirit
Greatest strength: My motivation to master even steep and difficult paths to reach the high summit cross and finally be able to enjoy the view
What Silvia says about Florian: Florian is a highly competent and extremely nice and resting place in the daily work routine. Everybody likes working with him


Name: Philipp Dietz
Started working at KAISER: 2011
Specialist for: Customer service and dangerous goods officer
Favorite color: Black
Motto: The best way to predict the future is to shape it yourself
Most important equipment: Computer and telephone
I like it at KAISER because... ...the work is diverse and the interaction within the company is very familiar
Greatest strength: I work carefully and I am always friendly
What Leon says about Philipp: Philipp is very organized and works on his tasks in a very structured way


Name: Eike Westphal
Started working at KAISER: 2013
Specialist for: Hydro lacquers for candle and glass
Favorite color: I like all colors. Multiple color shades that harmonize well together, preferably in natural tones
Motto: If you rest, you rust
Most important equipment: Spatula, brush and the head as my workshop for ideas
I like it at KAISER because... ...we can work on exciting and challenging tasks. There is also a lot of fun in the team. I also like our company grounds very much, as we have many well-growing fruit trees and hares, foxes and pheasants roam the halls
Greatest strength: I can motivate myself very well, I like to experiment, be creative and I am always curious
What Philipp says about Eike: Eike is a reliable colleague who is always in a good mood


Name: Silvia Fischer
Started working at KAISER: 2011
Specialist for: Order, dispatch and export
Favorite color: Blue
Motto: You have a new chance every day
Most important equipment: Telephone
I like it at KAISER because... is good the way it is
Greatest strength: I am always in time and reliable
What Florian says about Silvia: Silvia's professional competence completes her flexible and efficient way of working and makes her a reliable colleague you can always rely on


Name: Christian Pfeiffer
Started working at KAISER: 1997
Specialist for: Candle lacquer, quality assurance, trainer
Favorite color: Red, black
Motto: Not motto is also a motto 😊
Most important equipment: Clean working clothes
I like it at KAISER because... ...the work is still interesting and diversified even after more than 20 years.
Greatest strength: That is for others to judge
What Andreas says about Christian: Thanks to his decades of experience he can answer everything and solve any problem